Post School

School is over now and I’m beginning to prepare for the ACT. I’m taking it in a few days. The problem is is that all my friends are wanting to hang out and grad parties are taking place. I want to go to them, but obviously, my parents will continuously chew me out for playing too much. I feel like I deserve to relax and play a little since I didn’t really go out during the entire school year. But I also understand the urgency of my parents because I need to do well on this ACT.


Also, AP Chem makes me want to kill myself. I’m really not looking forward to next year at all. I don’t think I’ll be in the top ten percent. I screwed myself over this year. I just want high school to be over.

Also also, I tried on my old loose jeans from the winter and lol they’re so tight. My life is actually¬†going downhill. I don’t ever read the Bible anymore and I question God’s plan because he didn’t answer my prayers about my school grades. It sounds really dumb and selfish but I can’t help but think these thoughts.


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